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Sometimes we're not even aware of how little we know about the world that surrounds us and of how puny a part of our enormous planet we see from our windows or on our way to work and back. Even those of us who have to travel often can hardly boast of having been everywhere, of having visited every corner of the world and made the acquaintance of every tribe and nation.

Planet Earth is our home, and it has an astounding variety of facets and faces. By travelling we do not merely relax—we acquire unique experience. Before the nineteenth century, the only way of getting information about new places was by traveling and experiencing everything firsthand—by setting out on an adventure journey to faraway lands populated by people quite unlike us, with customs, traditions, and a whole world view of their very own. We may have inherited this insurmountable yearning for travel from our ancestors along with the desire to find out everything that is new, mysterious, unusual, and generally capable of baffling one's imagination.

Each country is unique in its own way, and every continent has sights to see that are not found anywhere else. In order to visit so much as the capital of every country in existence, one shall need years and years, and a truly impressive number of vacations. Therefore, before going anywhere, one should first get all the necessary information. This is where our site comes in.

Here you will see the amazing palaces and fountains of Versailles in France, or the romantic Vienna, or St. Petersburg in Russia, and its enthralling charm of the white nights. Here you can touch the enchantment of the mountain lakes of Carinthia in Austria, the serene lakes of Patagonia in Argentina, or the quaint canals of Venice, and also the secrets of times long gone as reflected in the mediaeval constructions of Italy, the Egyptian pyramids in Gyza, or the ancient ruins of the mysterious Iran.

We guarantee that everyone will find an enormous amount of useful information on any country, town, or city right here on our site. Our information database is updated regularly.

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