Traun - description of the city:

Traun is city of Austria (Upper Austria). The population of Traun: 23,959 people. Geographic coordinates of Traun: 48.22656 x 14.23459.

Country Austria
International title Traun
Population 23,959 people
Timezone Europe/Vienna
State Upper Austria
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 48.22656 x Longitude: 14.23459

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Traun - places of Interest
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Places to visit in Traun

Famous Places

Karlsplatz Pavilions
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Otto Wagner (92) was responsible for designing and engineering many aspects of Vienna’s early underground system in the late 19th century. His plans, however, did not materialize until the 1960s, when work on the metro started. One of the undergr ...

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During the 11th and 12th centuries, Krems, then known as Chremis, was a serious rival to Vienna. Today, this attractive town on the left bank of the Danube, together with neighbouring Stein, is a popular destination. Visitors are enchanted by the b ...

Bad Blumau
Country: Austria

In eastern Styria, in an area that has long been famed for its crystal-clear mineral waters, is a spa resort that is certainly worth a detour or even a few days’ visit. The entire resort of Bad Blumau was designed by the painter and architect Fri ...

Bad Gleichenberg
Country: Austria

health resort in Styria, Bad Gleichenberg was developed in 1834 by Count von Wickenburg. When the therapeutic properties of the local spring waters — already known to the Romans — were brought to his attention, he set about developing them. A s ...

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Hamar is the biggest town located on Lake Mjosa. The town is named after one of the old farms that were located in this area. Between the years 500 to 1000 AD the Aker farm was one of the most important centers in the country of Norway. It was loca ...

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