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Sylhet is located in the northeastern part of the country, in the green valley of the Surma River, on the cut of Tripula hills on the border with Assam. The gentle slopes of the hills, fertile soil, favorable climate and abundant precipitations are have made Sylhet one of the largest «tea» region in the world.

Interestingly, the geographical border is practically coincides with the border line between India and Bangladesh. On the territory of Assam are mountains, where the climate is much more harsh. Green hills and lakes of Sylhet with their mild climates and an abundance of sun provide shelter to not only thousands of species of plants and rare species of animals, such as the tigers, panthers, and wild boars. There is also a home to many «wild» tribes, whose culture was developing in isolation many centuries.

Sylhet city by itself has its appearance some clearly seen British influence, what is very easy to see in the many monuments of architecture in colonial style. Tea plantations surround the city by a dense ring. Bangladesh Research Institute, which is located not far from plantations, can tell to tourists about all stages of the cultivation, processing and making a tea.

43 kilometers to the north-east of the city the Ruins of Giant Sapura lie-the capital of the once mighty Hasi kingdom( the modern town of the same name was built mush later). The great interest is causing the mysterious megalithic structures( poles up to 2.5 meters, the stone walls and foundations of ancient buildings), related to the period of penetration of Buddhism in this land, though some locals believe that it is the tombstones of giants, who were inhabiting these places.

From Tamabil frontier post on the Sylhet-Shillong road it is offering a panoramic view over the hills of the site and the beautiful waterfalls on the Indian border.                           

Country Bangladesh
International title Sylhet
Population 237,000 people
Timezone Asia/Dhaka
State Sylhet Division
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 24.89667 x Longitude: 91.87167

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