Sundsvall - description of the city:

Sundsvall is city of Sweden (Vaesternorrland). The population of Sundsvall: 48,463 people. Geographic coordinates of Sundsvall: 62.39129 x 17.3063.

Country Sweden
International title Sundsvall
Population 48,463 people
Timezone Europe/Stockholm
State Vaesternorrland
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 62.39129 x Longitude: 17.3063

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Nowadays of Sundsvall
#01: Nowadays of Sundsvall Nowadays of Sundsvall Sundsvall
Spending Time in Sundsvall
#02: Spending Time in Sundsvall Spending Time in Sundsvall Sundsvall
Sightseeing in Sundsvall
#03: Sightseeing in Sundsvall Sightseeing in Sundsvall Sundsvall

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Famous Places

Petit Palais
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Next to the Kunstlerhaus is the Musikverein, headquarters of the Society of the Friends of Music. It was designed by Theophil Hansen in 1867—9 and features terracotta statues and balustrades. The Musikverein is the home of the famous Vienna Philh ...

Botanisk Hage and Museum
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Located directly across from the Munch Museum, you will find the Botanisk Hage. This is the biggest botanical garden in all of Norway. Many of the residents of the city visit the gardens on a regular basis. The locals and visitors alike come to the ...

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