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Port Antonio is a city on the north-east coast, 70km from Kingston. The town starts its history from the early 18th century and named in honor of St. Antonio. Tourists can get to there by sea or through the local airport. Port Antonio is a popular resort in Jamaica. The city is also a center-point of a long-distance bus lanes in Jamaica, and is connected to other towns of Jamaica by modern highways.

Until 1880th Port Antonio was a bit quiet coastal town in the island. The rapid growth and fame the city has got due to the energy and commercial talent of one businessman, who had established a gainful trade of bananas, which had contributed to the arrival the first wealthy visitors from America. They wanted to see by themselves what the island is. Exports of fruits from the port and active flow of tourists there in the late 19th-early 20th c. was very intense. According to witnesses of that time, lots of ships  plying in the waters of Port Antonio exceeded even the number of ships in Liverpool. After some time passed the Hollywood producers started to be interested in the city. Neighborhood of the city made a lasting impression on them, and they have been actively making films, for which was used the image of this «Movie-paradise».Gradually, Port Antonio turns into a first class, luxurious and not cheap resort where rested,bought the lands and built luxurious residences movie stars and famous musicians.

The main attraction, which attracts tourists from all over the world, is the Blue Lagoon. Popularity this beautiful place has added the famous eponymous film . The most that amazes and surprised of this place is its fantastic blue color of the water, which can be constantly changed, depending on the sunlight.

Another interesting attraction of the city is the Blue Mountains. From the top of the mountain on a clear day can be seen the North and South coast of the island, and can be seen in  distance the outlines of the neighboring island-Cuba. The world-famous Jamaican Coffee grows there on the lower gentle declivity of the mountains, the higher slopes of the Blue Mountains in the dense forest.

Around the city is thick jungle, which is a real boon for naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts. In that place can be found rare species of giant butterflies and unbelievable rare kinds of bird. These places are famous due waterfalls-Somerset and Reach Falls Climbe, which flow to the Caribbean Sea and have a wonderful purity of the fresh water.  

Country Jamaica
International title Port Antonio
Population 14,400 people
Timezone America/Jamaica
State Parish of Portland
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 18.17998 x Longitude: -76.46121

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