Zoologisk Museum

Zoologisk Museum

The Zoologisk Museum was erected in 1904 through 1908. It was the first of the 3 natural science museums that were created in Toyen, which is located in the Botanical Gardens. It was at this time that the collections came under their own roof since the founding of the natural museum in 1813. The collections were located in different areas of the city until this point. 

The exhibitions were opened to the public in 1910 on the first of February. Professor Robert Collett was a manager of the natural history museum. He is given a large amount of credit for the building of the new museum, including the décor of the museum. 

There have been many changes on the inside of the museum since it was built. The last major changes occurred in 1966. The museum was closed to the public during this time and reopened in 1972. 

There are 3 main units of the museum. The Norwegian hall shows wildlife from the top to the sea floor. Each item is placed in the correct environment. Next to this hall is the Svalbard Hall. This shows a glimpse of wildlife from the Arctic. The Animal Geographical hall shows animals from around the world including penguins from Antarctica to the Okapi of the African rainforests. 

Zoologisk Museum Photo Gallery

Zoologisk Museum
Zoologisk Museum: 01 photo Zoologisk Museum Zoologisk Museum: 01 photo
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