Voss is in Hordaland County, and it is a municipality in Norway. It was once a part of the old district of Voss. The administrative hub of the municipality is the town of Vossevangen. Some of the other small towns include Vinje, Stalheim, Oppheim, Mjolfjell, Kvitheim, Evanger, Borstrondi, and Bolstadoyri. 


Voss is surrounded by some of the premiere wilderness in all of Norway. What you have are lakes and rivers with white water rapids, forests, and mountains capped with snow. It’s a tremendous country for bird-watching, hiking, and camping. It has become a major hub of outdoor recreational activities and cool things to do: adventure sports, paragliding, skydiving, water sports, skiing, and more. The place hosts Extreme Sports Week annually in June, and it is considered the number one extreme sports event in the world. Voss is definitely not an out of the way village in Norway. It’s a special place with a lot of extreme sports activity and tourism. Bomoen, the airstrip in the area, is where Skydive Voss is based, and it is one of the biggest dropzones in all of Norway. The rivers offer different degrees of white water, bringing in river boarders, rafters, and kayakers from all over the country and the world. Para-bungee and kite surfing are fun activities in the area, and Lake Vangsvatnet is where you can do that. The ski area is located to the north of Voss, and you can get to it by cable car from town. There is a chair lift that will get you to it as well, from Bavallen. 

The town is located close to the Sognefjord and its location Flam and Berge on the scenic railway have turned into a really popular spot with travelers from all over the world. The waterfall Tvindefossen is one of the main things to see on the road.

The Voss Museum has a number of old farmsteads, as well as the huge stone statue of Lars O. Kindem. Close to the open-air area, there is a museum building that has several thousand items from traditional life on the farm.


Voss has a number of different habitants, and the lush valleys, high mountains, and forests offer shelter and food for a wide range of species, and the several wetland areas are thought to be some of the most interesting habitats in all of Norway. More than 155 species of birds have been seen in this municipality.

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