Vinstra is the name of a river and a small town located in Gudbrandsdalen. The town Vinstra is in Oppland County, Norway. The population of the town was 2449 in the year 2012. There are rail connections in the town through the Dovre railroad. There is a high school in the town. The highway E6 runs through Vinstra. The river comes in from the west and flows into the Gudbrandsdalslagen. Vinstra was given town status in the year 2013 on the first of September. This event was celebrated for three days. 

The Peer Gyntsamlingen has a large amount of material on the literary and historical figure Peer Gynt. The 65 kilometer road goes west of the valley from Tretten into the town. It offers gorgeous views and passes several mountain lodges and hotels. Some of these include Fefor, Wadahl, Gala, Gausdal, and Skeikampen. 

The high point of the road is located at 1053 meters. There is an open air theater located at Gala. It is called Galavatnet Friluftsteater. The theater stages an interpretation of the original Peer Gynt by Ibsen that is shown each year in August. 

Vinstra Photo Gallery

Vinstra: 01 photo Vinstra Vinstra: 01 photo
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