Valdres and Fagernes

In Valdres, the largest community is North Aurdal. This area attracts a large amount of visitors throughout the year. Approximately 150 years ago, North Aurdal was just a simple farming community. However, this all changed when the railway arrived in the year 1906. Not long after the railway came through, there were long distance buses that started appearing in the area. In the year 1987, the Leirin airport was constructed. This is the highest airport in the country as it sits at 820 meters. The railway was closed in the year 1988. However, the area is still easy to get to. 

The main valley that runs through the town of Valdres follows along the river Begna and goes to Aurdal and Fagernes. It is at this point that the valley divides into Ostre Slidre and Vestre. At Oystre Slidre there is Beitostolen, which is a mountain resort. The resort offers a sports and health center for those people who have disabilities. 

The valleys at Slidre offer several stave churches. Some of the stave churches in the area include Oye, Hore, and Lomen in Vestre Slidre, and Hegge in Oystre Slidre. 

The region is characterized by stretches of rivers and long narrow lakes. The folk museum is located on a peninsula called Fagernes in Strandafjorden. The folk museum has more than 20,000 artifacts in more than 100 buildings. There is a separate section high in the mountains as well as an exhibition of regional costumes.

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Valdres and Fagernes
Valdres and Fagernes: 01 photo Valdres and Fagernes Valdres and Fagernes: 01 photo
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