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The University of Bern is located in the Swiss capital of Bern, and it is a university. It was established in 1834. It is financed and regulated by Bern Canton. It is a full-scale university, and it offers a wide selection of options in courses and programs. It is comprised of eight different faculties and about 160 institutes. It has approximately 15,000 students, and it is a mid-sized university in Switzerland.


The university operates at three different levels: institutes, faculties, and university. Some of the other organizational units include general university and interfaculty. The highest governing body at the university is the Senate, and it is responsible for issuing statutes, regulations, and rules. 

The university has about 8,000 students enrolled in their bachelor programs, collectively. It has about 4,000 students enrolled in their masters programs, total. The university also has 2,400 or so doctoral students. About 2,600 degree students and 500 Ph.D. students graduate from the university each year. For a long while now, the university has had slightly more female students than male students.


The University of Bern is one of the top 200 universities on earth. It consistently ranks between 150 and 200 on numerous university ratings indexes.

Academic Programs 

The University of Bern is a very comprehensive university, and it has a lot to offer as far as bachelor and master programs. It has several dozen bachelor and master programs. The University of Bern’s Physics Institute contributed to the first moon flight, and it still helps with experiments and provides support for ESA and NASA space missions on an ongoing basis. 

The university has several programs in the classical disciplines, and it has also set itself apart with a reputation for excellent in newer fields like theatre studies and sports science. It is the only university in Switzerland with a theatre studies court that lets student choose dance as their major in their master program. Bern is also the only university in the world that offers a Christian Catholic Theology major. The university has research missions in the areas of criminology, penal law, health care, and climate science.

Notable People 

Several professors at the university were leaders in their field, and they pioneered new methodologies and techniques. The university has notable professors in law, theology, medicine, natural sciences, humanities, economics, and more.

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