Toggenburg Introduction

Toggenburg is a historical part of the country of Switzerland. It comprises the upper valley of the river of Thur, as well as its tributary, the Necker. Since 2003, Toggenburg has been a constituency of the St. Gallen Canton. 

Toggenburg goes along the course of the Thur River in a nearly 50-kilometer arc from its beginning between the Churfirsten peaks and the towering Santis Massif. There are a lot of special events and offerings that bring in visitors in the summer to the gorgeous green hiking area and in winter to the popular winter sports areas. 

If you are taking really small children with you, there are a lot of hiking routes that are nicely suited for prams and buggies, letting you just enjoy the nature around you. The Toggenburg holiday paradise is a great place to bring children. It is located in the eastern area of Switzerland. Both adults and young children alike will feel comfortable and at home in this place.

There is a great network of hiking trails that cover the entire region. There are shorter trails, and there are long walking routes as well. Taking a barefoot walk on the moor trail will not only be relaxing, but it will let you discover a lot of interesting and rare plants. The hilly topography draws in a lot of mountain bikers as well. 

Whether you want to see a beautiful lush green part of Switzerland, or you want to hike around throughout the summer, you couldn’t pick a better place than Toggenburg. It’s a great place to bring the family too, and your children will feel right at home here.


The valley drops in a northwestern direction from the watershed between Thur and the Rhine, and Santis chain on the northeast and the Churfirsten and the Speer southwest enclose it. The valley is very fertile, and it is about 28 miles in length from the beginning of the river to Wil on the train line between St. Gallen and Winterthur. An excellent road traverses the upper path, while there is a railway to Wil from Nesslau.


When the data was collected in 2012, the Toggenburg Whalkreis had a population of about 45,000. Most people speak German there, and the second most common language is Italian.

Toggenburg Photo Gallery

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