Sierre Introduction

Sierre is located in the Valais Canton, and it is the capital of the district. It has a population of roughly 14,300. 

It is located on the German-French language border of the Valais canton. There is a German-speaking minority that lives in the country, and it is one of the three bilingual villages in the country.


When it was measured in 2009, Sierre had an area of roughly seven square miles. Out of this total area, about 2.5 square miles (or 35%) is put to use for agriculture. About one-and-a-half square miles (or 21%) is covered in forest. Of the remainder of the land, about 2.5 square miles (or 34%) is settled (roads or buildings), and less than half of a square mile (or about 7%) is either lakes or rivers. About 3% is just unproductive land.

The capital of the Sierre district is the municipality. It is situated in the center of the Rhone valley, on the river’s right bank. The Raspille mountain stream is located close by, and it is though to be the dividing line between the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. It is comprised of the city of Sierre, the villages of Muraz, Noes, and Granges, and the settlements and hamlets of Mondereche, Cuchon, Sous Gerond, d’en Haut, Villa d’en Bas, Zervettaz, Borzuat, Glarey, Bourg, Vieux-Sierre, Plantzette, and Gerunden.

Sierre is a good point to start off from for tourists who are seeing the sights of the Val d’Anniviers, which consists of the villages of Ayer, Zinal, Grimentz, St-Jean Chandolin, St-Luc Vissoie, Chandolin, and Vercorin. Sierre is linked with Crans-Monta via a funicular railway.

There is a small lake on the outskirts called Lac de Geronde.


When it was measured in 2012, Sierre had a population of about 16,000. When it was measured in 2008, about 27% of the population was composed of foreign nationals from other countries. Over the last decade the population has changed at about a 12% rate.

The majority of the population is French-speaking (about 75%). The 2nd most commonly spoken language is German (about 13%). Italian is the 3rd most commonly spoken language (about 5%).

When it was measured in 2008, the gender distribution of the population was about 48% male and 52% female.

Swiss Heritage Sites Of National Significance

There are a handful of Swiss heritage sites of national significance in the area.

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