Poschiavo Introduction 

Poschiavo is located in the Bernina district in the Graubunden canton, and it is a municipality. It has a population of roughly 3,600.


Poschiavo was first noted in the 800s, and it was noted as Postclave then. However, this word comes from a much later copy of the original document. It was described as de Pusclauio in 1140. It used to be called by the German name of Puschlav.


When it was measured in 2006, Poschiavo had a total area of 74 square miles. Out of this whole area, about 20% is put to use for agriculture, while about 32% is covered in forest. Out of the remainder of that land, about 2% is settled (roads or buildings) and the rest of the land (about 46%) is non-productive (mountains, glaciers, or rivers). 

The area is located in the sub-district of Poschiavo in the Bernina district. It is situated in the Val Poschiavo, and that is one of the four valleys of the Graubunden, where the main spoken language is Italian. The other valleys are Calanca, Mesolcina, and Bregaglia. It is comprised of several hamlets and the village of Poschiavo. 

Poschiavo has a lake of its own, called Lago di Poschiavo, and that lake is located to the village’s south.


When it was measured in 2012, Poschiavo had a population of 3,600. When it was measured in 2008, Poschiavo had a population that was about 8% foreign nationals. Over the last decade the population has decreased at about a negative 3.5% rate. 

When it was measured in 2000, the gender distribution of the population there was about 49% male and 51% female. 

The majority of the population is Italian-speaking (about 90%). German is the 2nd most commonly spoken language (about 8%). French is the third most commonly language at less than 1%. 

When it was measured in 2009, about 86% of the population was Roman Catholic, about 9% were members of the Swiss Reformed Church, and a little less than 1% of the population belong to the Christian Catholic faith. 

The population has gone down since 1950, and it peaked around 1950. It was at a high of about 4000 in 1950, and now the population is at about 3,600.

Swiss Heritage Sites Of National Significance 

There are a little less than a dozen structures in Poschiavo that are designated as Swiss heritage sites of national significance.

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