Pontresina Introduction 

Pontresina is located in the Maljoa district, and this municipality is located in Graubunden canton in the country of Switzerland. It has a population of roughly 2,100.

Name and History 

The city was initially described in Latin documents from the Middle Ages as pontem sarasinam in 1137. It was initially described as de Ponte Sarraceno in 1237. It was described as ponte sarracino in 1303. Some historians call it The Bridge of the Saracens, and they note it in a reference to an Arab invasion in the 900s of the area that would become Switzerland. It is necessary to have some kind of a bridge to get over the Bernina pass, and it would be understandable to build it prior to the confluence of Ova de Roseg and Ova da Bernina because of the volume of water to go over.


When it was measured in 2006, Pontresina had a total area of about 46 square miles. Out of this full area, about 17% is put to use for agriculture, while 9% is covered in forest. Of the remainder of the land, about 2% is settled (roads or buildings) and the rest of the land (73%) is non-productive (mountains, glaciers, or rivers). 

It is located in the sub-district of Oberengadin in the Maoja district. It is located in Val Bernina, which is the valley at the highest altitude that branches off the upper part of the valley of Engadin. Pontresina is a famous tourist destination, but it is sometimes overlooked in favor of a nearby spot, St. Moritz. 

The area is comprised of the old village areas of Giarsun, San Spiert, and Laret and the new areas on the mountain slopes. 

Glaciers that are close by include the Roseg Glacier and the Morteratsch Glacier. The Morteratsch is fitted with a ski lift and a long run that descends the glacier. There is a groomed cross country ski trail in the Roseg Valley.


The majority of the population is German-speaking (about 58%). Italian is the second most commonly spoken language at 16%. The third most commonly spoken language is Portuguese at 9%.

Swiss Heritage Sites Of National Significance 

There are three heritage sites of national significance in Pontresina, and one of them is a church. There is also a hotel and a tower. The three Swiss heritage sites  are the Spaniola tower, Grand Hotel Kronenhof, and the Church of S. Maria.

Pontresina Photo Gallery

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