Museum fur Volkskunde

Near a quiet park stands the charming Austrian Folklore Museum. Founded in 1895, it moved in 1917 to its present premises, the former Schonborn Palace, built in 1706—11 to designs by Lukas von Hildebrandt as a homely twostorey mansion, and altered in 1760 by Isidor Canevale. The building has a rather imposing fa?ade with statuary running along its top. In the museum you will find artifacts reflecting popular culture in Austria and neighbouring countries that were once part of the Habsburg Empire. The collection includes furniture, textiles and ceramics, household and work tools, religious objects and two complete living rooms that illustrate the lifestyle, customs and rituals in the various regions. The core of the collection consists of objects from the 17th to 19th centuries. On Lange Gasse, a couple of blocks along towards Josefstadter Strasse, you will pass the Alte Backstube, at 4. This old bakery is one of the loveliest town houses in Vienna. It was built in 1697 by the jeweller Hans Bernhard Leopold and was in continuous use until 1963. The rooms have been lovingly restored, retaining the old baking ovens, and house a traditional restaurant and caf?, and a small baking museum where baking equipment from the early 18th century can be seen.

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Museum fur Volkskunde
Museum fur Volkskunde: 01 photo Museum fur Volkskunde Museum fur Volkskunde: 01 photo
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