Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana

Mo I Rana is a city and administrative hub of Rana municipality in Norway, in Nordland County. It is situated just to the south of the Arctic Circle, and it is in the Helgeland area of Nordland. Some of the areas outside of the town include the Basmoen, Ytteren, and Selfors in the north and east, respectively. 

The town is referred to as “Mo i Rana” to make it sound distinct from other places called Mo (including Mosjoen, also located in Helgeland) though the town is just referred to as Mo locally. 

The town is 12.5 square kilometers in size, and it has a population of roughly 18,000. The population density is roughly 1,500 inhabitants per sq. km. This makes it the biggest town in Helgeland and the second biggest (outside of Bodo) in Nordland. 


The name of “Mo” refers to an old farm that was located close to the modern town. The farm’s name comes from Moar, an Old Norse name. Moar translates to grass lowland or sand. The word Rana comes from Old Norse, as well. Rana translates to fast or quick, and this is probably because the faster water flows into the Ranfjorden right outside of town. The town was an old trade center. Farmers have lived there for thousands of years. 


Norsk Jerverk, which was founded in 1946, created steel for Norway until 1988, when it was cut up into different companies. The iron mill had a big impact on the town development. In 1978, the population of the city had grown from roughly 2,000 to 25,000. Mo Industrial Park is one of the biggest industrial parks in Norway. It is significant for the local society, offering work more than 1900 people. The steel and iron factory Jernverket uses more power than the whole municipality of Oslo. There is also a division of the National Library of Norway in Mo I Rana. Rana Blad is the local newspaper in the town. 


Havmanndagene is a festival that is held in the town every year in the summertime. Nordland Theater is a regional theater that tours throughout Nordland. It was set up I 1979, and it is located in a new theater building with three stages. There is also the Rana Museum in the town. It is located in the city center. The primary exhibit concentrates on everyday life in the area in the 20th century.

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Mo i Rana
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