The largest lake in Norway is Mjosa. It is 117 kilometers long and located at the center of the agricultural area. Since the time of the Vikings, there have been many farms that have settled around this area. This includes Totenlandet, Helogoya, and Hedemarken. 

The farms are bordered by both mountains and forests. This includes the Skreiafjellene, which is 700 meters high. There are 3 towns that are located on the shores of lake Mjosa. They are Gjovik, Hamar, and Lillehammer. 

The lake was in important center for communication before trains and cars arrived. Even during the winter months horses and sled would go across the frozen lake. When the railway was completed in 1854 in Eidsvoll, a paddle steamer called Skiblander arrived. The Skiblander is often called the White Swan. It was built in Sweden and was transported to the lake in pieces and then put back together. The oldest ship in Norway still ferries people around to the towns located on the lake. 

Helgoya, is located in the widest area of the lake. It was the site of many medieval mansions for the aristocracy and the bishops as well as having a seat for the king. The Baldishol tapestry, that dates back to 1200 was found among one of the farming estates in the area. Just north, between the towns of Moelv and Brumunddal, is the area known as Rudshogda. This is where Alf Proysen spent his childhood. Proysen is a singer and a writer. 

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