Lom is a rural center that is located on the Otta river banks. The town is a gateway into the Boverdalen valley. It is also the way into the Jotunheimen mountain range and to the Sognefjellet mountain. 

In the year 1000, the Lom Stavkirke, which is a stave church, was built in the city. The church still has the original deep foundations. The cruciform shape of the church was acquired around the year 1600. There have been many details added to the church over the years. The dragon heads that are on the gables have a lot in common with many of the churches that are seen all around Sognefjorden. 

The Norwegian Mountain Museum (Norsk Fjellmuseum) opened in the year 1994. This museum is a great source for practical information about the wilderness of the mountain. There are videos that show different mountain routes that can be taken. In addition, there are natural history exhibits. 

The Fossheim Hotel is a wonderful piece of cultural history in the area. It is the home of Fossheim Steinsenter. It consists of a silversmith workshop as well as a geological museum. 

Just east of the town over a crossing located on the river, is the town of Vaga. Vaga is also known for its stave church that was built around the year 1130. It is also the town where Jo Gjende, the reindeer hunter, is buried. 

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