Liechtenstein Museum

Completed in 1692 to designs by Domenico Martinelli in the Rococo style, this was the Liechtenstein family’s summer palace. It has a monumental fa?ade, with tall pilasters and typically Baroque windows. Inside, the colourful ceiling paintings in the vast groundfloor room are the work of Michael Rottmayr. Vault paintings by Antonio Belucci can be seen on both sides of the stairway. The grand hall is decorated with frescoes by Andrea Pozzo, a masterpiece of Baroque interior design. The museum houses the art collection of Prince Hans- Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein — one of the richest private collections in the world. The collection is centred on the Baroque with special focus on Rubens, and ranges from the Renaissance (for example, Raphael and the Breugels) through to the early 19th century (Waldmuller and Fuger). The Liechtenstein family also acquired many masterpieces of modern art, dating from the early 20th century. The palace stands in an extensive garden, which was remodelled in the 19th century in the English style.

Liechtenstein Museum Photo Gallery

Liechtenstein Museum
Liechtenstein Museum: 01 photo Liechtenstein Museum Liechtenstein Museum: 01 photo
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