Kussnacht am Rigi

Kussnacht am Rigi

What Is Kussnacht? 

The name Kussnacht am Rigi was changed to Kussnacht in 2004. It is a municipality and distriction in the Schwyz canton in the country of Switzerland, and it consists of three small towns: Merlischachen, Immensee, and Kussnacht. It is located on the northern shore of Lake Lucern, and it is situated on the southern shore of Lake Zug under mount Rigi.


Kussnach is initially described about 840 when it is referred to as in Chussenacho, but this is from a copy of the original from the 11th century. It was described as Chussenacho in 1179. 

Kussnacht was given designation as an official district of the Schwyz Canton in 1424. 

According to the tall tale of Wilhelm Tell, the protagonist shot the Austrian bailiff close to the Gesslerburg

In 1935, Queen Astrid of Belgium died her in a car accident. There was a memorial chapel created at the scene of the accident. 

There is a famous festival called “Nicholas chase”, and it is held every year in Kussnacht on December 5th, which is St. Nicholas Day eve. Tens of thousands of people attend the festival, and there is a parade with roughly 1,000 people participating, and the celebration lasts well into the night.


When it was measured in 2006, Kussnacht had an area of roughly 11.4 square miles. Out of this area, nearly 58% is set aside for agricultural uses, and 27% of the land is covered in forest. Out of the remainder of the land, over 14% is settled (roads or buildings) and the rest is non-useful land (mountains, glaciers, or rivers). 

The municipality is at the base of Rigi mountain between Lake Zug and the Lake of Lucern. It consists of the small towns of Kussnacht, Merlischachen, and Immensee, as well as the small hamlets of Seebodenalp and Haltikon. 

It is the only municipality and the capital of the Kussnacht district.


Kussnacht has a population of roughly 12,400. Almost 20% of the population is made up of foreign nationals. Over the last decade, the population has been building at a rate of about 11.5%. The majority of the population speaks German (nearly 88%), and Albanian is the 2nd most commonly spoken language (about 3%), and Serbo-Croation is the 3rd most common (nearly 3%). 

The gender distribution of the municipality is roughly 50% male and 50% female. 

There are almost 4,400 households, and nearly 1,400 households (or about 32%) have just a single person living in them.

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Kussnacht am Rigi
Kussnacht am Rigi: 01 photo Kussnacht am Rigi Kussnacht am Rigi: 01 photo
Kussnacht am Rigi
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