Visitors that approach the town of Horten from the north are greeted by Hortenspiken. This bronze statute is known as the girl from Horten and is a welcoming site for those that come here. The girl in the statue is holding a boat, which shows that this is a harbor town that is popular with people who own boats for pleasure. 

Karljohansvern, was a naval base located in this area during the 19th century. The town of Horten developed around this base with the harbor and the shipyard being two of the main attractions for the town. 

The Marine museum is located in some of the garrison buildings of the town that are well-preserved. The museum was established in the year 1853 and is the oldest navy museum in the entire world. The Marine Museum has a large collection of artifacts, model ships, and exhibits that relate to naval history. The Rap 1872, which was the first torpedo boat in the world is displayed just outside of the building. One of the more recent acquisitions of the museum is the KNM Utstein submarine. This submarine from 1965 is open for public viewing. 

Next to the Marine museum is the Norwegian Museum for Photography. There are photographs and cameras as well as other items used in the museum to illustrate how the art of photography has developed over the years. 

The center of the town offers timber houses and holds onto the character from the 19th century. During the summer months the streets are full of flowers and there are speed restrictions to force the cars to drive slower. There are charming outdoor cafes as well as many great shops. 

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