Hanko is an island that is in the Oslo Fjord of Norway. The island used to be owned by the Dano-Norwegian King. The king would often hunt deer on the island. Later, the island became one for retreat and some of the more notable visitors to the island include the Norwegian king, the Norway princess Martha Louise, and Ari Behn, her husband. 

The island is well known internationally as a place to sail and several of the world sailing championships have been held here. Each summer there are sailing competitions that draw competitors from around the world, including those in a Melgis class. 

There are many summer cottages located on the island. Most of the cottages are owned by residents of Oslo. The main reason for this is because the island is extremely close to the capital city. You can travel to the island by Vikene, which is a beautiful area that connects it to the mainland. There are also ferries to the island that can be used as needed. A hotel with a spa is located on the island and this is often used by corporate consumers. 

The temperature on the island is typically in the mid 20’s (Celsius) during the summer months and during July and August the temperature of the water gets even higher. The winters on the island can be quite harsh. 

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