What Is Grandson? 

Grandson is located in the Jura-Nord Vaudois district in the country of Switzerland. It is a municipality there. It is located in the Vaud canton. 

Throughout the Burgundian Wars, a man named Charles the Bold was beaten close to here in a battle called Grandson. He lost the battle in 1476. 

The municipality has a population of 3,200 or so.


The municipality has a total area, when it was measured in 2009, of roughly three square miles. Out of this area, about two square miles (or 65%) is put to use for agriculture, while less than one square mile (or about 9%) is used for forest. Out of the remainder of the land, less than one square mile (or 24%) is settled (roads or buildings), less than one square mile (or 22 acres) is either lakes or rivers, and about 30 acres (or 2%) is land that is unproductive. 

Of the area that is built up, industrial buildings make up about 1.5% of the whole area while buildings and housing make up about 11% and infrastructure for transportation makes up about 8%. Infrastructure for water and power as well as other areas that are specially developed make up about 2% of the area while sports fields, green belts, and parks make up about 2.3%. Out of the land that is covered in forest, about 7% of the whole land area is covered in heavy forest and 2% is covered with little clusters of trees and orchards. Of the land that is put to use for agriculture, about 55% is put to use for crops and 7% is for pastures, while about 3% is used for vine crops or orchards. Out of the water in the area, less than half of a percent is in lakes and nearly 1% is in streams and rivers. 

Grandson is at an elevation of about 1,500 feet, at a distance of about two miles from Yverdon-les-Bains. 

Grandson used to the be capital of the district of Grandson until it was dissolved in 2006, and Grandson then became a part of the new Jura-Nord Vaudois district. 

The city is built on moraines on the west of the Neuchatel Lake close to where the Gransonnet brook goes into the lake. It is at the base of the Jura Mountains in the central-northern part of the Vaud canton.

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