Det Norske Teatret

Det Norske Teatret

Det Norske Teatret was founded in the year 1912 and is located in Oslo. Edvard Drablos and Hulda Garborg created an initiative for the theater opening and in 1913 there were 2 plays that toured there, Rationelt Fjosstell, by Garborg, and Ervingen written by Ivar Aasen. The first official performance that took place at the theater was Jeppe pa berget, a comedy by Ludvig Holberg. Some of the spectators of this first performance included the prime minister of the country as well as Haakon VII. The first board manager of the theater was Hulda Garborg and the first director for the theater was Rasmus Rasmussen. Most of the plays that are performed at the theater are those that are either written or translated into Nynorsk. 

There are 3 stages in the theater. Each year there are around 12 to 15 productions put on at the theater. There are also guest plays. Jon Fosse has had the first productions of 5 of his plays held in this theater. This includes the Nokon kjem til a komme in 1996, the Ein sommars dag in the year 1999, Vakkert in 2001, 3ogtosaman in the year 2001, and Rambuku, which was done in 2006. 

In the year 1979, the Det Norske Theater won the Spellemannprisen award for a musical called Sa lenge skuta kan ga. 

There have been several directors at the theater throughout the years. Rasmus Rasmussen held the position until 1915. Edvard Drablos, who was a founder of the theater, was director in 1915 and 1916 and again in 1950 and 1951. From 1916 through 1922 Amund Rydland was the director. From 1922 through 1933, Ingjald Haaland served as director. Hans Nilsen served as director in 1934 and 1935 and then again from 1946 through 1950. In 1934 through 1936 the director was Oskar Braaten. Since the year 1997, the theater has had Vidar Sandem, a dramatist and actor, as the director. 

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Det Norske Teatret
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