Bruck an der Leitha

This small town, situated 30 km (19 miles) east of Vienna, was established as a Babenberg fortress in 1230, and formed the main border point between Austria and Hungary. Its present form dates mainly from the turn of the 17th century, but the remains of the medieval fortifications from the 13th century, as well as several old houses, remain in the main square today. In Hauptplatz, the main square, stands an attractive town hall with a Rococo balcony and an arcaded courtyard. Also here is the Baroque Pfarrkirche (parish church of the Holy Trinity), built by Heinrich Hoffmann. In Friedrich-Schiller-Gasse stands the Kapuzinerkloster, the Capuchin Friary with its church dating from 1629. The town’s greatest architectural attraction, however, is the Prugg, a 13th-century castle with an original early-Gothic turret. In 1707, Lukas von Hildebrandt altered the castle in the Baroque style. The chapel also dates from this period. At Johannstrasse is an interesting Heimatmuseum, devoted to the history and folk art of the region.

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Bruck an der Leitha
Bruck an der Leitha: 01 photo Bruck an der Leitha Bruck an der Leitha: 01 photo
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