Biel/Bienne Introduction

Biel/Bienne is in the administrative district of Biel/Bienne, and it is located in the canton of Bern in the country of Switzerland.

Biel/Bienne is actually on the language border between the German-speaking and French-speaking areas of Switzerland, and it is a bilingual area in general. The German for the town is Biel, and the French name for the town is Bienne. The town is usually referred to in both languages at the same time. Since 2005, the official name has actually been “Biel/Bienne”, and it has been called “Biel-Bienne” unofficially. The city was just called Biel up until that point.

The city is at the foot of the Jura Mountains, in the first mountain range. It protects the only real connection to Jura in the region, on the northeastern parts of Lake Biel, sharing the eastern part of the lake with its neighbor city, Nidau, which is the administrative center of Nidau district. Bern, which is the capital of Switzerland - as well as Solothurn and Neuchatel - lie to the southeast, east, and west of Biel/Bienne. You can get to any of them in roughly half an hour, either by car or by train.

The city has roughly 50,000 residents and in 2000 the whole region had nearly 89,000.


The newspapers Journal du Jura and Bieler Tagblatt and the area’s only bilingual French/German newspaper, Biel-Bienne, with its wide free distribution in the area, are created, produced and published in Biel.

Heritage Sites Of National Significance

There are several heritage sites of national significance in Biel/Bienne. It would be unwise to visit the area without having a lengthy list of them. It would be a travesty if you were to see just a handful of them. There is the Alte Krone, the main train station, the Convention Center, the Neuhaus Museum, the Swiss Reformed City Church, and several more. The whole town of Biel/Bienne, as well as the Taubenlochschlucht canyon, are part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

Check out Lake Biel too. It’s not just the sites of national significance that you want to see. There is a lot of beautiful natural scenery in the town. Lake Biel is sometimes referred to as Lake Bienne. It is a lake in the western part of Switzerland. Along with Lake Neuchatel and Lake Mortat, is one of the three big lakes in the Jura region. Seeing grand Swiss lakes is something that should be on your travel itinerary.

Biel/Bienne Photo Gallery

Biel/Bienne: 01 photo Biel/Bienne Biel/Bienne: 01 photo
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