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Oelgy is city of Mongolia (Bayan-Olgiy Aymag). The population of Oelgy: 28,400 people. Geographic coordinates of Oelgy: 48.96833 x 89.9625.

Country Mongolia
International title Oelgy
Population 28,400 people
Timezone Asia/Ulaanbaatar
State Bayan-Olgiy Aymag
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 48.96833 x Longitude: 89.9625

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History and present of Oelgy
#01: History and present of Oelgy History and present of Oelgy
Sightseeing in Oelgy
#02: Sightseeing in Oelgy Sightseeing in Oelgy
The beauty of Oelgy
#03: The beauty of Oelgy The beauty of Oelgy
Views of Oelgy
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Visiting Oelgy
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Famous Places

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