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New York City is the most famous city in the United States of America. It is the most diverse, most interesting, and most urbanized city in the country. New York City is a cultural sight that you don’t want to miss out on seeing in this lifetime – whether you’re from the United States or some other country. If you only get the chance to visit America once, make sure that New York City is on your list of cities to see. 

There are thousands of sights to see and places to explore in the state of New York, and there are hundreds of major landmarks, cultural institutions, museums, restaurants, stores, clubs, and more in New York City alone. Since this is such a popular tourist destination, there are some great travel deals. 

Take advantage of special travel deals to come to New York City during the fall or winter when there are good travel deals. Just remember to take some warm winter clothes though – because the winters can be really cold! If you’re bundled up from head to toe, then you won’t be too afflicted with the weather – and you’ll be able to say that you saw New York City in the winter.

 There are some special events and festivities that go on just during the winter. If you can schedule your visit to coincide with New Year’s festivities, then you will be able to see the ball drop in Times Square – a fun, traditional New York City event. 

There is a famous quote that goes, “If you’re bored in New York, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.” There is just so much to do there and so many things to see, there is very little chance of becoming bored. In truth, it’s impossible to see everything New York has to offer in a single visit. You’d have to return to the city again and again to see just a quarter of what it has to offer. From iconic landmarks to the best museums in the world to hot dog stands and Broadway shows, there is everything there to satisfy even the most hungry culture vulture. 

There are several reasons to love the Big Apple, but we’re just going to list a handful of them here.

Reasons to Visit New York City 

History and Art 

New York has some of the best museums in the United States, and you can just take in so much history and art. You won’t believe what you can see there. If you’re a fan of art, and you’ve been stuck in your hometown’s art museum for far too long, then you’ll be overwhelmed with what New York City has to offer in the way of art. You can also head on over to the Museum of Natural History to see cool things from the natural world and fossilized dinosaur bones, too. It’s a great place to take the family. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also in New York City. It’s a little bit headier, more sophisticated, and classier. You will see paintings by modern masters as well as the best painters of old, and you can even seen some art from ancient Egypt (as well as other ancient cultures). You get a very well rounded experience of art viewing when you thoroughly explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Guggenheim Museum of Art is another great place to explore. The Brooklyn Museum should also be considered. Don’t just hit the biggest museums and galleries, though. There are a lot of smaller, contemporary galleries in New York City that offer a feast for the eyes. You might spot the next artistic master’s works in some small gallery. Be sure to take a camera so you can take pictures of the small galleries you’ve been to, to prove to your friends how sophisticated you are. 

Diversity and People 

You might like the idea of taking some time off to go a spot far away from the big city. Everyone wants a little time away from it all. However, if you’re tired of being bored in your boring old hometown – and you want to see the most diverse, most populated city in the nation – then head to New York. You will be around so many people in New York, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet new, interesting people. New York has a population of more than eight million people – from every country on earth! New York has the highest population of any city in the nation – by a big margin! Since people from all parts of the world live and work in this area, traveling to New York gives you an opportunity to come into contact with people you would never have otherwise seen, except on TV or the Internet. To see new people and explore interesting cultures up-close is the experience of a lifetime. It will do a lot to broaden your mind, especially if you’re from a very small town and have never seen a lot of diversity. There are more than 200 languages spoken in New York, and you can eat ethnic cuisine from remote places like France, India, Africa, Germany, Iceland, Spain, England, and Korea. Every country has at least one restaurant that showcases their cuisine. 

New York City During Christmastime 

New York is one of the best travel destinations during the winter, and it has a number of events with a Christmas theme. You definitely want to check out the amazing Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – it has more than 30,000 lights. The decorations at Macy’s are also a sight to see. If you’ve never been ice skating, then use the opportunity to go ice skating in Central Park. You can visit the FAO Schwarz toy store, watch a New York City Ballet production, see a Broadway show, wander around the city and take in the lights, or look in amazement at the interesting window displays and gorgeous decorations. 

See the Sights 

While you’re in New York, you should see the sights that the city has a big reputation for. There is the Statue of Liberty – a beautiful statue that towers high above Ellis Island and that greeted immigrants from Europe as they approached Ellis Island harbor. There is also the New York Public Library, Central Park, New York’s many art museums, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, and Grand Central Terminal. The Empire State Building is a sight to see – and it offers some great views once you’re inside. You can see 80 miles out from the observatory at the top. If you want even more views of the city, you can go on over to Brooklyn Bridge Park and get your picture taken with a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. If you have a date with you, or your significant other, then it’s a great spot for a little romance. 

Road Trips 

If you get in your car and drive just a little while outside of Manhattan, you’ll find yourself going through traditional, quaint towns and taking in some amazing scenery. Consider renting a car just to take a road trip out of New York City. If you’re visiting New York City, and you hadn’t planned on seeing any of the towns outside of it, then change your plans immediately and rent a car to do that. If you’re going in the fall, you can take in some of the breathtaking foliage in small towns like Cold Spring and Sleepy Hollow. There are also parks in the area that have a lot of gorgeous foliage to appreciate. As soon as the weather gets a little warmer, visit the Hamptons or Fire Island. 

The Sports 

If you’re a sports fan, then New York City is the city for you. You can see the New York Rangers, the New York Giants, and the New York Yankees play. Who wouldn’t want to tell their friends that they saw a real New York Yankees game? The Yankees are the most famous baseball team in the world. After all, that’s the team that Babe Ruth played on, and it’s the team that made Derek Jeter famous. You can also see the New York Mets, the New York Jets, and the New York Islanders. New York does sports right, and you can see a few games while you’re there. Just make sure you visit during peak seasons to catch the teams you want to see when they’re playing in their hometown. 

If you love sports, then you probably already know that there’s no other city in the world that has more professional sports teams than New York City. Even if you’re not a sports watcher, there’s a massive amount of activities for people who just love to play sports instead of watching them. 

The Overwhelming Nature of the City 

The immediate impression you get when you first see the city is that it has an amazingly authoritative and overwhelming presence. All you have to do is take a look up at the skyscrapers to know that you’re not in your hometown anymore. Even other cities with their skyscrapers and buildings doesn’t compare to New York City. The city has a power that can be felt on nearly every street corner. It will either offend or delight you – and New Yorkers certainly don’t care which one it is. 

People around the world refer to New York City as “The Center of the Universe”. Think of it like the capital of the world, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect while you’re there. If you walk down the streets of Manhattan, you’ll have a very clear idea of why people refer to this city as “The Center of the Universe.” When you walk down 6th Avenue and take a look up at where Corporate America makes its home, and you see Wall Street itself, you’ll likely feel a sense of awe. You should also stroll down Park Avenue where the privileged and rich of the world live. 

There is nowhere else in the world where so much power is present and concentrated. It’s not literally the capital of the USA, but it is the capital of broadcasting, fashion, art, advertising, publishing, finance, and culture. 

The Culture

 New York City has had an amazing influence on American culture, although it has also influenced the culture of the whole world. It has the music, art, theater, and movies that have made American more well known around the world. It is the scene of internationally famous TV shows like Seinfeld, Friends, and Saturday Night Live. 

New York City is home to some of the world’s biggest record labels, too. It’s interesting to note that rap started in Brooklyn and New York. 

New York City itself has had a tremendous influence on cinema because of its prominence in some of the most historic and important movies of the 20th century. 

New York has some of the best museums and cultural institutions in the world, too. It’s not just new media that New York excels in. The city has collected some of the world’s most famous art in its many museums – ancient, modern, and contemporary. By touring New York’s art museums, you can get a look at the full spectrum of art from every time period and culture. 

If you’re a culture vulture, then New York should be one of your first stops if you have a chance to travel anywhere.

Visit New York City Soon! 

Don’t let too much time go by before you visit New York City. One visit there can change your life and have a major influence on how you think, work, and live afterward. It can be a bit of a culture shock to see so much at once – especially if you’re from a small town – but you shouldn’t let that stop you from seeing one of the most beautiful, diverse, interesting, and cool cities in the world. What London is to the United Kingdom and what Paris is to France, New York City is to the United States.

Country United States
International title New York
Population 8,175,133 people
Timezone America/New_York
State New York
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 40.71427 x Longitude: -74.00597

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