Luhans'k - description of the city:

Luhans'k is city of Ukraine (Luhans'ka Oblast'). The population of Luhans'k: 452,000 people. Geographic coordinates of Luhans'k: 48.56667 x 39.33333.

Country Ukraine
International title Luhans'k
Population 452,000 people
Timezone Europe/Zaporozhye
State Luhans'ka Oblast'
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 48.56667 x Longitude: 39.33333

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One day in Luhans'k
#01: One day in Luhans'k One day in Luhans'k Luhans'k
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#02: Views of Luhans'k Views of Luhans'k Luhans'k

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