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Lampang is a town of the Lampang province, which located to the north of Thailand. It is a one of the biggest cities in Thailand. The city is also a capital and municipality of the same-name province. The town is located near the tributary of the Wang river and Chao Phraya river, which,by the way, is a largest one. 

Lampang was the biggest town in the Lanna kingdom. In the historical period of its existence Lampang was «covered» by Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, where traditionally been the central point of governance and whose history was solidly fixed in the chronicles. After 10-years of war with the Ava and Ayutia countries, in XVII-XVIII centuries, the domain has experienced economic fall, population fall, and loss of independence. Both a result it is came under the control of Burma. At the end of the XVIII century one shooter from Lampang Nan killed Burmese ruler of Lampang. Then he marked the beginning of end of the term in the governance of the Burmese in Lanna kingdom. The Bangkok governance with the descendants of Nan Thip Chang, known as Chao Ched Ton, ruled as vassals in a many towns of Lanna till the territories was captured by Thailand. At that time the King Chulalongkorn reigned in the domain. 

Although Lampang is a one of the famous northern city with a well-organized transport, rail, and air traffic, it is not the object of mass tourism. This role took nearby cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Usually, tourists go to this place for lunch and to visit the popular threre attractions as Wat Phra That Lampang Luang and the Thai Centre of Elephant Conservation. Another popular tourist attractions in Lampang, mostly visiting by Thai people. These are: Wang Kaeo Waterfall National Park Chae Son. It is a small, but beautiful  park combines natural hot springs and large waterfalls. A lot of local temples was built in Burmese style and originally belonged to logging magnates of the late IXX century. Nine of the thirty saved temples in Burmese-style in Thailand are located in Lampang.

Country Thailand
International title Lampang
Population 156,139 people
Timezone Asia/Bangkok
State Changwat Lampang
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 18.29232 x Longitude: 99.49277

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