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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, the center of the Federal Capital District. It was built in 1960-1870 especially as the capital. The city is home to 550 thousand inhabitants. There is an international airport. Main industries include food and light industry. Islamabad is divided into eight functional areas. The Central Zone is governmental. The latter includes numerous parks. There are the University, Research Institutes of Atomic Energy, Islamic Institutions and others. Architectural monuments consist of the building of the National Assembly and the Grand Mosque.

Country Pakistan
International title Islamabad
Population 601,600 people
Timezone Asia/Karachi
State Islamabad Capital Territory
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 33.72148 x Longitude: 73.04329

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Places to visit in Islamabad

  • Pakistan Monument
  • Lal Masjid
  • Lake View Park
  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History
  • Supreme Court of Pakistan
  • Grand Hyatt Islamabad
  • Golra Pakistan Railways Heritage Museum
  • Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi
  • Rose & Jasmine Garden
  • Shrine of Syed Meher Ali Shah

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