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Fort Worth is the 5th largest city in Texas and the 16th largest in the U.S. It is located in the north central part of the state and is a cultural gateway to the American West. The city covers almost 350 square miles. According to the census from 2010 the population of the city was 741,206. 

Fort Worth was established in 1849 for use as an army outpost. It was located on a bluff that overlooked the Trinity River. The city still embraces the traditional design and architecture of the west. The first ship named for the city was the USS Fort Worth from the United States Navy.


In 1848 and 1849, there were 7 army posts established once the Mexican War was over as a way to protect the settlers located in West Texas. These posts included the area of Fort Worth as well as Fort Duncan, Fort Lincoln, Fort Martin Scott, Fort Croghan, Fort Gates, Fort Graham. 

At the opening of the Mexican American war in the year 1846, major William Jenkins Worth was second in command under General Zachary Taylor. After the war, William Worth was put in command of the Department of Texas. He proposed a line of 10 forts to mark the western part of the Texas frontier in order to control the Trinity River. Just a month after this he died of cholera and General William Harney took over.  Harney ordered Major Ripley Arnold to find a new site near clear fork and west fork. He established camp on the Trinity River on the 6th of June, 1849 and named it camp Worth in honor of General Worth. The camp was moved to the north facing bluff in August of 1849. 

Native American attacks were a threat in the area, but pioneers settled near the fort anyway. The first year the fort flooded and was moved to the top of the bluff. This is where the courthouse now sits and there is no trace of the original fort remaining. 

Fort Worth became a bustling town when it became a stop on the Chisholm Trail. This was the path where millions of cattle were driven north to be taken to market. The city became the center of the cattle drives and then a center for the ranching industry. The location of the city is what helped establish it as a cattle and trade center and earned the city the nickname of “Cow Town.” 

During the 1860s the city suffered from the ill effects of the Civil War as well as the reconstruction. The population of the city dropped to around 175, as food, money, and supplies were in shortage and burdened the people who lived there. The town slowly began to revive. 

There were general stores opened in the area by 1872. In 1873 Van Zandt established a company which would become the Fort Worth National Bank in the year 1884. The town expanded and grew from this point on. 

In March of 2000, the city of Fort Worth saw destruction once again in the form of a tornado that smashed through the downtown area. The Bank One Tower, which was a dominant feature of the skyline, was one of the hardest hit. It has now been rebuilt into upscale condominiums. This particular tornado was the first one to hit the area since the early part of the 1940s. 

In July of 2007, the natural gas reserves under the city began paying off for residents as many would receive royalty checks for their rights to the minerals. Today the residents are dealing with the issues and benefits associated with these natural gas reserves. 


The cuisine of the city is extremely flavorful. There is really something for everyone’s taste buds in the city of Fort Worth. The food features the best ingredients from the state along with exotic flavors from all around the world. Here you will find some of the most robust grilled meats, barbecue sauces that you cannot find anywhere else, as well as pica de gallo, that are fresher than any than you can find. 

If you want tex-mex or great Mexican food, consider Salsa Fuego located on the Camp Bowie traffic circle. Joe T Garcia’s is also on top of the list for great Mexican food. Located on the north side of the city, any local will tell you that this is the place to go. 

For those that are looking for great meat options, try Kincaid’s for one of their famous burgers. The Woodshed Smokehouse offers a giant beef Shinto that four people can share. Try Angelo’s barbecue, which has been in business since 1958 if you are looking for a great smoked beef brisket. 

For those that want to eat like a cowboy, Bonnell’s Fine Texas cuisine offers such dishes as elk loin tacos, buffalo tenderloin, and Texas redfish crusted with pecans. The Lonesome Dove Bistro offers a different menu every day, but they always have the luxurious beef tenderloin stuffed with garlic, that everyone needs to try. 

For dessert there are several great places from which to choose. The lemon cake from Del Frisco’s is a great way to finish any meal. You can also try the bread pudding from Ellerbe Fine foods to finish off your meal. The white chocolate and yuzu tart from Grace Restaurant is another perfect choice to satisfy your sweet tooth while you are in town.

Reasons to Visit 

When visiting Fort Worth there is a large range of experiences to be enjoyed. No matter what your interest is, there is something for you in the great city of Fort Worth. You can visit the cultural district to see some priceless masterpieces or perhaps get a feel for the true American west by visiting the Stockyards National Historic District. Sundance Square offers 35 blocks of shopping and dining. If you are looking to enjoy a show, check out Bass Performance Hall. You can also visit the Fort Worth Zoo, which is one of the best ranked zoos in the nation.

Western Experience 

When you enter Fort Worth you know that you are in Texas. For the past 150 years, the area has blossomed into a cultural and sophisticated city that truly celebrates its western heritage. Make sure to visit the Stockyards Historic District of the city where you will find attractions such as the Fort Worth Herd. This occurs twice a day and is something that you do not want to miss. 

Visit Billy Bob’s Texas, the largest Honky Tonk in the world to see some of the top performers of country music. There is also a live rodeo each weekend at Cow Town Coliseum. While in the Stockyards make sure that you shop for cowboy boots and hats as well as other souvenirs.


There are many world famous museums located throughout Fort Worth. The cultural district is home to 5 great museums located in a park like setting offering a great place to start any tour of the city. There are many museums located throughout the city that are devoted to the western heritage.

For those interested in art consider visiting the Kimbell Art museum, which has holdings that range from 3rd millennium BC to mid-20th century. The modern art museum of the city offers 5 pavilions of glass and concrete set on 11 acres that are naturally landscaped.

For history buffs, the museum of science and history is the perfect choice. Located in the cultural district, this museum has both permanent and travelling exhibits for you to enjoy.

Family Fun

If you are visiting Fort Worth with your family, there are many great places to visit. There are several interactive museums to visit such as the National Cowgirl Museum, the Hall of Fame, and the Museum of Science and History.

The city is also the home to one of the best zoos in the nation. The zoo offers a rock climbing tower, learning stations, a miniature train, and a museum of living art. There is also a 6 flags and several water parks located throughout the city for families that are just looking to have a good time while visiting the area.

Night Life

If you are visiting the city and are looking for something fun to do when the sun goes down, you will not be disappointed. There are some great movies, live theaters, restaurants, and night clubs located throughout the city. Try one of the western style saloons located in the Stockyard District. There is always music playing, from both local and national acts, all throughout the city, just take the time to look around.

Fort Worth is a city that has something for everyone. Families can enjoy many of the great interactive museums or amusement parks that are located in the city. You can spend the evening enjoying some great music at one of the local bars. No matter what type of entertainment that you are looking for, you will surely find it in this great Texan city. 

Country United States
International title Fort Worth
Population 741,206 people
Timezone America/Chicago
State Texas
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 32.72541 x Longitude: -97.32085

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