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Columbus is the capital and biggest city of Ohio. It is the 15th biggest city in the U.S. with a population of roughly 822,000. It is the primary city of the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which comprises an area of ten counties. It is the third biggest metropolitan area in Ohio, based on the MSA model. It is nearly tied with the Cleveland MSA and just behind the Cincinnati MSA (which also includes parts of Indiana and Kentucky). 

With the Combined Statistical Area (CSA) model, the metropolitan area of Columbus was the 28th biggest in the U.S. Based on data from the U.S. Census, the CSA of Columbus (which also includes Mount Vernon, Chillicothe, and Marion) has a population of approximately 2,350,000, and that makes it the second biggest metropolitan area in Ohio, but Cleveland, Ohio surpasses it. Moreover, it is also the fourth most densely populated state capital in the U.S. and the third biggest city in the Midwestern U.S. 

Columbus is Franklin County’s county seat. The city itself has also gone beyond its original boundaries and annexed parts of nearby Delaware County and Fairfield County. The city was named after the explorer Christopher Columbus, and it was created in 1812 at the meeting place of the Olentangy and Scioto rivers, and it took on the functions of the state capital in 1816. 

The city has a really diverse economy, based on technology, retail, hospitality, healthcare, medical research, energy, steel, logistics, clothes food, aviation, defense, fashion, banking, insurance, government, and education. Columbus is also the site of the Battelle Memorial Institute, which is the world’s biggest private R&D foundation. It is also the home of Chemical Abstracts Service, NetJets, The Ohio State University, and the headquarters of four Fortune 500 corporations. Wendy’s White Castle, and Cardinal Health are also based in the metropolitan area of Columbus. 

Columbus was ranked as one of the 50 best cities in America, according to BusinessWeek. Forbes magazine gave Columbus an A rating as one of the best cities in America for business. Forbes listed Columbus as the number up-and-coming tech city. The city was also ranked as a top ten city to relocate to. FDi Magazine ranked the city no. 3 in the United States for cities of the future, and Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has been rated very highly.

Columbus Is A Hub Of Commerce 

Columbus is the progressive capital city of a fantastic state, and it’s also the site of the headquarters of some pretty famous brands like Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. The city is home to some major fashion labels and corporate sites. However, the population has a very local spirit, and you’ll pick up on that if you’re in the city for any length of time. There are lots of local cafes, boutiques, events, and galleries that offer people lots of reasons to come to Columbus year-round – to get an experience and feeling you can only get in Columbus. 

Columbus is a family-friendly place to go on a vacation, and there are lots of outdoor activities. There are opportunities to learn about nature, government, education, and science. It is a great place to educate your family on civic life and science. The arts districts and breakfast restaurants are even more of a reason to go. You will really enjoy your time here if you spend some time checking out the little boutiques and breakfast restaurants. Get to know the local artists and get a feel for what the people of Columbus are all about.

Reasons To Visit Columbus 

Columbus has a spectacular array of attractions and surprising delights. Let’s look at some of the top reasons to visit the city. 

Franklin Park Conservatory: There aren’t too many other places as romantic as the John F. Wolfe Palm House, which is soaked in beautiful rainbow colors each night, right at dusk. The LED installation by the award-winning light artist James Turrell enhances the area with a colorful glow. The 1895 glass house looks simply marvelous. Visitors can return in the daytime to look at a collection of Dale Chihuly glass productions against the botanicals, plants, and palms. 

Short North Arts District: If you head on over to High Street, between downtown and the OSU campus, you’ll find a very artsy neighborhood featuring clubs, cafes, boutiques, and galleries. It’s an awesome area for people-watching, and for shopping as well. There are lots of amazing murals in the district. You can also take in the 17, color-changing arches that span the avenue at night, and take a little time to relax in a park whenever you want to. There is even a park with full-size sofa made out of limestone. If you are there on the first Friday of the month, then you will get to see what a “Gallery Hop” is. 

Ohio Statehouse: The Ohio Statehouse is a wonderful architectural achievement. It’s something that you have to see in person. Be sure to take a good camera along to snap some photographs of what it looks like inside. It’s a Greek Revival style building. The public is free to come in and take self or guided tours, along with the Senate building and Capitol Square. If you want a real feel for what it looks like inside the political machinery of Ohio, then your best bet is to come to the Ohio Statehouse. There’s just something quaint and reassuring about getting a feel for real politics in a thriving American city. Visitors can look around the statehouse at their leisure, and there are audio tour wands that any visitor can use for free. The building had a lot of renovation done on it in the 1990s, and that work helped to restore the building’s original beauty and glory. There are some excellent educational displays on the ground floor that you can take advantage of, and you can send your kids to the gift shop or café if they’re a little bored. 

The Center of Science and Industry: The Center of Science and Industry is sometimes called the COSI for short. It has more than 100,000 square space of display space, with most of the display space devoted to exhibits. People who visit the museum will find the exhibits spectacular, but the building itself is an extraordinary sight. 

Kelton House Museum and Garden: The Kelton House Museum and Garden offers a glimpse into what life was like in the latter part of the 18th century. It’s a two-story townhouse that has been lovingly restored, and it has period furnishings and decorative artwork that offers a rare glimpse into America’s past. The house is kept up in a Victorian style. The gardens come alive in the spring season with a brilliant array of colors. It’s also a great sight to see during the summer. The gardens look just fabulous. 

Topiary Park: Topiary Park is where nature and art truly come together. It’s situated at the old Deaf School Park in Columbus, and it’s one of the most amazing topiary gardens. The garden is based on a Georges Seurat painting. The painting shows people that are lounging on the River Seine. An artist re-envisioned this scene in the 1990s with sculpted shrubbery, which has more than 50 topiary people, several dogs, boats, a cat, a monkey, and a real-life pond meant to be the river in the painting. A park based on a painting is about as artsy as it gets. You couldn’t ask for a more picturesque spot to take a family photo. Sights like this are one of the reasons you want to make sure to take a camera along with you for the trip. Columbus has a lot of outdoor sights that beg to be photographed. 

Santa Maria: The Santa Maria is a beautiful replica of the actual boat that Christopher Columbus sailed over on. After all, the city is named after Christopher Columbus. Why shouldn’t there be a replica of the ship he sailed over on? There are tours of the ship that are offered. They try to recreate what life was like on the boat, showing everything from the kind of equipment that would have been on the ship during the time he sailed over to the kinds of social activities the explorers would have taken part in as sailors during that time. There are also displays that talk about the changes and historical implications that came with the expeditions on the Santa Maria and what it was like for Christopher Columbus to arrive in the new world. 

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: If you love animals, there’s no better destination in Columbus than the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It’s located in a quaint setting along the Scioto River’s banks, and more than 500 animal species reside there. Some of the attractions at the zoo include several endangered species, and the zoo has quite the reputation for its gorilla program. 

Magic Mountain Fun Center: The Magic Mountain Fun Center is a realy fun park that has a lot of different attractions. You can play with go-karts, bumper cars, video games, or adventure golf. 

Ohio State University: The University itself is worth checking out. The sprawling campus is gorgeous, and it’s well worth exploring. There are tours that you can take of the campus, too. This area has a lot of interesting sights and attractions, like the Oval, with more than 100 species of trees, and it has well-designed and stately buildings, as well. 

Prehistoric Indian Mounds: Ohio is the site of several important prehistoric Indian Mounds. Some of the coolest of these can be seen on a trip through Columbus. There are mounds that date all the way back to 200 BC. Check out the Mound City Group National Monument, the Seip National Monument, and the Serpent Mound State Memorial. The Fort Ancient State Memorial is also worth checking out. 

German Village: You can walk down the cobblestone streets and take in the historic architecture in this true-to-life and beautifully restored German neighborhood, complete with gardens.

 Visit the Book Loft: Take some time out to visit the Book Loft. You could spend an entire day there. It is a 32-room shop that spans a couple of German Village blocks, and it is overflowing with books, cards, music, posters, and magazines. You could stay busy there for months, and you should set aside at least a day for exploring it. 

Drink German Beer and Eat German Food: You can fill up on some yummy German food and beer at the famous Bahama Mamas (bratwurst) and eat cream puffs the size of grapefruits if you head over to Schmidt’s restaurant.

 Barcelona Restaurant & Bar: This restaurant has a vibrant, fun, and lively atmosphere, and it has the best patio in the entire city, with flowers flowing from baskets that hang down from the ceiling. The flowers cascade down over the brick wall, too. The specially prepared cuisine will make you feel like you’re in Spain. 

Columbus Zoo: You can see some amazing animals at the Columbus Zoo, including a baby elephant. You can also be amazed at the underwater manatee exhibit. Jack Hanna is the zoo director, and you might have seen him on some late-night TV shows presenting animals to a transfixed TV audience. 

An Awesome Breakfast Scene: Chefs are busy competing with one another to create the best breakfasts. The breakfast scene is so varied and competitive here that one food reviewer started a blog to chronicle his experience on the local breakfast scene. 

You can choose from a selection of tasty German dishes from the father-and-son team at Germantown. Northstar, another hip restaurant, has a revolving selection of amazing scones fresh out of the oven. Tasi Café has a signature dish of poached eggs on black bean cakes with jalapeno butter sauce. 

Don’t forget about dessert, though. Sugardaddy has some amazing blondies and brownies, available in little plastic containers, and Pistacia Vera has some delectable French macaroons that are just to die for.

Country United States
International title Columbus
Population 787,033 people
Timezone America/New_York
State Ohio
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 39.96118 x Longitude: -82.99879

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