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Awbari is city of Libya (Sha'biyat Wadi al Hayat). The population of Awbari: 42,975 people. Geographic coordinates of Awbari: 26.59206 x 12.78049.

Country Libya
International title Awbari
Population 42,975 people
Timezone Africa/Tripoli
State Sha'biyat Wadi al Hayat
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 26.59206 x Longitude: 12.78049

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Spending Time in Awbari
#01: Spending Time in Awbari Spending Time in Awbari Awbari
Sightseeing in Awbari
#02: Sightseeing in Awbari Sightseeing in Awbari Awbari

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Famous Places

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